The PENIS TOWER ANTI-SLAM is back for a second punch-of-the-C, except this time we’ve got MORE BEANBAGS, BETTER LIGHTING, ACTUAL PRIZES, & A CAVALCADE OF GUEST PERFORMERS TO WHET YR MOLESKINE, including but not limited to:

ALEX ‘Mushroom’ MARTIN.
BENJAMIN WILD – via proxy from SE Asia!


& a fistful more to be announced.

Here’s how we do it:

WHEN: Sunday 22nd November

WHERE: ARThive Gallery, 1/111 Hunter St, Newcastle Mall

HOW: Sign-up & sit-down at 6 30pm sharp, slamming kicks off at 7pm!

HOW MUCH?: Free (donations encouraged – for upkeep of the anti-slam & ARThive)

WHAT: EVER. You’ve got a couple minutes to make us laugh/cry/vomit in whatever form you choose – tho we dissuade the use of props, music or costume, if you reckon it’s rockin’, bring it a-knockin’.

Some folk have expressed concern & confusion about what in the werld an ‘anti’ slam is. To put it simply, it was a reaction to the poetry slam movement in Manhattan sometime during the 80’s or 90’s or whenever. Reverend Jen Miller was not so chuffed by the competitive nature of other slams, & decided that everyone should be given a perfect 10 score. Here’s her take on it. This is kind of where we’re coming from. Except we (or someone chosen by us) WILL judge you. Just you won’t know what criteria we’re basing it on until the end. 

If you want to know what we’re all about, & how to find most of us, read the previous post (just below this one).
Otherwise, for enquiries & requests & soulless slander, contact Di at


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