28th Feb saw ROUND FIVE of the PTAS go off with a raging success, 28th March saw a one-off relocation to the Lass O’Gowrie for a much more intimate (& over-18 only, sorry) anti-slamming experience. With twilight coming on sooner & sooner each day it began to feel as though the PTAS was curling into hibernation, but on the 25th April, despite ANZAC Day & numerous other double-triple-quadruple bookings we still managed to fill the ARThive & give the poetry a good slap on the wrists.


Thomas Keily, AKA Citizen Tom, AKA Tomas Jack of Hearts took out the prize for Personal Favourite (& I’m sure I’m not alone on this), freshly reunited with Newcastle after a wholesome 2-year stint in Istanbul with the Sufis. Other highlights included the wandering traveler Mitch AKA Charlie Brown who shared with us a snippet of his story, the entirely noisy celebration of ever camera-clad Adam‘s birthday & Carlin‘s surprise recital from the streets, witnessed only by the few who could find window space. Jenna AKA Casiogloria serenaded us with her unique brand of lo-fi often sea-related spoken word beat goodness, & Donny Dooley won the first prize of 1. a bulb of garlic & 2. lots of Listerine, in the secret category Best At Staying Off the Walls. We also made record highs in donations, which will surely go towards good good goodies for y’all. Your contribution keeps this thing going, thankyou.

We here at the Anti-Slam collective are excited about the next instalment in May, & we have a special announcement – the PTAS will be running as part of Crack Theatre Festival during This is Not Art 2010! We know it’s months away, but we’re already excited. Get the notebooks firing!

Shout outs to the directors of ARThive, Simone Sheridan & Grant Hunter for being so supportive to our deranged love for the written & spoken word, & to all who make the PTAS a pleasure to be a part of every month.


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