Slam on the brakes.

The call has been made – the PTAS will not be running until further notice.

In a mutual decision made today, Newcastle’s notorious Anti-Slam cannot continue to run under its current format, at least for the time being.

With 8 months under our belt, the PTAS has become a well loved & hugely successful community-run initiative, & the decision is by no means final/permanent.

This is a callout for yr thoughts. All those involved in the PTAS, whether it be closely or no, we want to hear from you, we do we do we do. Either leave a comment on this site or email Di at

Some suggestions:

  1. What’s so good about the PTAS anyway, huh?
  2. How have your experiences at the PTAS been – as a performer, listener, or misc.?
  3. What would you like to see change at the PTAS?
  4. What are your fondest PTAS memories thus far?
  5. Your leastest fondest?
  6. What’s up with poetry these days?

We’d love to hear from you.

Until next time, it’s been flippin’ wonderful.

Copy that. Over.


4 Responses to “Slam on the brakes.”

  1. Freaking Woman Says:

    I dig this event muchly. and will miss it more than muchly should it not return promptly!

  2. Very awesome read! Really..

  3. Very awesome article. Honestly..

  4. Really great article! Honest!

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